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Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Sun6/9/20191:30 pm T 3-3Freedom Baseball-13U  B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U   HALF HOLLOW HILLS EAST
Sun6/9/20193:30 pm W 13-3B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U  Freedom Baseball-13U   HALF HOLLOW HILLS EAST
Fri6/14/20196:00 pm W 3-15Brentwood Braves-13U  B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U   BRENTWOOD STATE PARK 2 - TRUNZO FIELD (TURF)
Sun6/16/20191:15 pm L 2-5B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U  LI Titans Palermo-13U   CANTIAGUE PARK B (TURF)
Sun6/16/20193:15 pm L 17-9LI Titans Palermo-13U  B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U   CANTIAGUE PARK B (TURF)
Wed6/19/20195:45 pm PPDN/RB1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U  LI Titans Cashman-13U   EISENHOWER PARK B
Sat6/22/20199:00 am L 0-7B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U  Diamond Spikes-13U   HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY (TURF)
Sun6/23/20193:45 pm L 2-10B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U  Islip Owls Spahn-13U   HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY (TURF)
Sun6/23/20195:45 pm L 10-0Islip Owls Spahn-13U  B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U   HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY (TURF)
Thu6/27/20196:00 pm L 4-3Ozone Howard Stars-13U  B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U   EISENHOWER PARK C
Sat6/29/201912:00 pm L 8-0Team Reyes-13U  B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U   NORTHEAST PARK
Sat6/29/20192:00 pm L 0-18B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U  Team Reyes-13U   NORTHEAST PARK
Sun6/30/20194:00 pm FFT-W1-0B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U  LI Junior Ducks-13U   HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY (TURF)
Sun6/30/20196:00 pm FFT-W0-1LI Junior Ducks-13U  B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U   HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY (TURF)
Sat7/6/20199:00 am W 5-7LIB Czyz-13U  B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U   GARDEN CITY COMMUNITY PARK #4 (TURF)
Sat7/6/201911:00 am W 5-1B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U  LIB Czyz-13U   GARDEN CITY COMMUNITY PARK #4 (TURF)
Mon7/8/20196:00 pm W 2-4LI Thunder-13U  B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U   PLAINEDGE HS (TURF)
Sat7/20/20191:00 pm TBPB1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U  East Meadow Mustangs Dominguez-13U   EISENHOWER PARK B
Sat7/20/20193:00 pm TBPEast Meadow Mustangs Dominguez-13U  B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U   EISENHOWER PARK B
Mon7/22/20196:00 pm TBPB1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U  LI Thunder-13U   PLAINEDGE HS (TURF)
Mon7/29/20194:30 pm TBPLI Elite Walsh-13U  B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U   HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY (TURF)
Mon7/29/20196:30 pm TBPB1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U  LI Elite Walsh-13U   HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY (TURF)
Wed8/7/20196:00 pm TBPOzone Howard Stars-13U  B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U   GARDEN CITY HS
Sun8/11/20193:45 pm TBPDiamond Spikes-13U  B1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U   HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY (TURF)
Sun8/11/20195:45 pm TBPB1000 Seminoles Budkevics-13U  Diamond Spikes-13U   HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY (TURF)

Status:F Final Score (Visitors-Home)
W Win
L Loss (OT-Overtime)
T Tie
TBP To Be Played
CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
FFT-W Forfeit Win
N/R Score Not Reported