Winter 1 Registration Open

Our Winter 1 League Registration is now open! Please click on our Forms and then click on Register Here!  

Soccer is a game of technique; the top players in the world work relentlessly on their game to ensure success. Taking lessons is one of the best ways to improve your individual soccer game.
We have several top notch soccer instructors on staff that will be providing lessons for players of all ages. Our lessons vary depending on expertise: speed/agility, footskills, passing/receiving, defending, finishing, and keeper training. All lessons are an hour in length. We offer the opportunity for your player to work with an instructor one on one or in a small group of up to six players. Upon signing up for a lesson, your player will go through some of the most challenging and rewarding drills in the game today. They will be able to focus on the specific skills in which they want to improve.
Feel free to specify which part of your game you would like to focus on the most, or leave it up to our instructors to recommend what you can work on to become a better soccer player. To set up lessons or for more information, call 859-382-4674

Prices for these lessons are as follows:
Private lessons = $50 per hour
2-3 players = $35 per player per hour
4-5 players = $25 per player per hour

We also offer a soccer lesson package, where you can purchase five lessons up-front and you get the sixth lesson for free.