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Pete Thomas Award Winners: DJ Sheridan and Bob Fadgen

We would like to congratulate and thank DJ Sheridan and Bob Fadgen for their dedication to MAGS over the years! 

Both received the Pete Thomas Service Award at our annual Fun Day event!

DJ and Bob have made a lasting impact on our league. We wouldn’t be the amazing organization we are, with out them and their generous spirits! They have given us countless volunteer hours and we are so grateful! 

Thank you Bob and DJ!!! This award is well deserved.

Quick Hits!

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April 21st at 9am.....................Opening Day Celebration
April 28th.................................Picture Day
May 3rd....................................MAGS Night at Penncrest Softball 
May 8th (6pm - 9pm)...............MAGS Night at Rita's
May 12th..................................RAIN DATE for Picture Day
May 19th..................................Fundraising Day at Plum Street Mall 
May 20th..................................Fundraising Day at Media ACME
May 24th (5pm - 7:30pm)........MAGS Night at Chick-Fil-A
June 13th (6:00 pm)................Unified Game
June 22nd (6pm - 7:30pm).....Fun Day and Awards Ceremony
June 22nd (7:30 pm)...............Coaches Game

MAGS Quick Hits of the Week: 4.6.18

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Field Cleanup Day Cancelled!

We are hoping that Spring will eventually makes its appearance, but it does not look like it will be this weekend.  

Due to the impending bad weather and the current state of the fields (too wet to work with), we will have to unfortunately cancel Field Cleanup Day previously scheduled for April 7th.
Our Board members will be taking on the task of making sure the fields are ready to go when the season starts in a few weeks.  Hopefully we will get a few days of cooperating weather to make this happen!
We may need assistance from some additional parents and coaches for certain projects we need completed before Opening please stay tuned for any requests we put out there for help.
Please think some warm happy spring thoughts to help get us to Opening Day!  We need some good weather karma!
Thank you!
MAGS Board


MAGS Quick Hits of the Week: 3.20.18: ACTION REQUESTED


Coaches, Spouses, Grandparents, Friends etc... - please ensure that everyone on your teams and in your family (basically everyone) that wants to receive communications from us is getting these newsletters from our Media Softball Mailbox.  
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MAGS Quick Hits of the Week: 3.7.18


What Equipment do I Need for My Daughter?

We get this question a lot and want to make sure you know what is needed for the upcoming season....
  • Everyone in every Division needs their own glove.
Cleats (metal cleats are not allowed):    
  • Encouraged for Tball, Coach Pitch(strongly encouraged) and Senior Divisions.
  • Mandatory for Junior and Intermediate Divisions.
  • We have helmets for girls to share, but we encourage each girl to have their own helmet from home for sanitary reasons.  
  • All Divisions should wear helmets with a cage/shield and chinstrap. 
Fielding Face Guards:                       
  • Fielding face guards are required for all infielders in the Junior and Intermediate Divisions.  
  • They are strongly encouraged in the Coach Pitch Division.  
  • They are optional for Tball and Senior Division.  
  • The league has fielding masks to share, but we encourage you to purchase your daughter her own.  
  • The league has many bats to share, so it is not mandatory to have your own bat.  
  • In fact, we encourage you not to use your own bat unless you are absolutely sure it is the right size for your daughter, as many times girls are using a bat that is not the right size from home.  
Softball Pants:                                     
  • Softball Pants are strongly encouraged for girls in the Junior and Intermediate Divisions, as this is the age that they begin to slide on the bases.  
  • They are optional for Tball, Coach Pitch and Senior Divisions.  


MAGS Quick Hits of the Week 3.1.18: ACTION REQUESTED


We are looking for some volunteers to help us with field setup and maintenance (for example, lining the fields before games, setting up the bases, general field maintenance, etc...).  If you or someone you know would like to get involved with the league and help out in this way, please email us at  
We know a lot of you are running right home from work and over to the field for games during the week.  Sometimes you have no time for dinner and are looking for something substantial to eat (or for your kids to eat) at the snack stand.  We have heard your feedback and want to try and make that happen for you.....but we need volunteers to help us fill those shifts at the stand. Please email us at if you are interested in helping out with the snack stand this year.