Concession Stand

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We need volunteers to work the concession stand on game nights and during tournaments. The proceeds raised from concessions sales help us to improve the fields for the girls! Please call Crystal Musquiz (see Contact Info) if you would like to volunteer. Thanks!

Main Concession Stand Menu & Prices (Spring 2017)

Abilene Fastpitch


MEALS                                                       DRINKS

Cheeseburger Combo                   $6.00                         Medium                               $2.00

Hot Dog Combo                              $4.50                         Large                                     $2.50

Grilled Cheese Combo                  $4.00                               Coke               Diet Coke

                                                                                                   Lemonade         Sprite

Hamburger                                      $3.00                         Dr. Pepper      Fanta Strawberry

(Mustard, lettuce, onion, Pickles, tomatoes)

Add Cheese                                        $.50                         Tummie  Yummies              $1.00

Hot Dog                                            $1.50                         Bottled Drinks                     $2.00

Cheese sticks (5)                             $2.00                         Orange Fanta              Sweet Tea

French Fries                                     $2.00                         Rootbeer                 Smart Water

Nachos                                              $2.00

Frito Pie                                            $2.00                         Gatorade                              $2.00

Grilled Cheese                                 $1.50                         Water                                     $1.00

                                                                                                Coffee/Hot Choco.            $2.00

*Extra/Add Cheese                          $0.50                                                                      

*Extra/Add Chili                               $0.50                                                                                           CANDY      -         $1.00                                                                                                                                                      

                                                                                           Shockerz  AirHead Extremes                                               

                                                                                             Reese’s Pieces       Reese’s Cups

                                                                                                Snickers      Milky Way    Twix

                      SNACKS                                                        Kit Kat   Payday   Rolo’s  Skittles

Chips                                                  $1.00                              M&M’s: Plain or Peanut

Pickle                                                 $1.00                         Hershey’s:Plain or   w/Almonds

Popcorn                                            $1.00                         Butterfinger          3 Musketeers

Sunflower Seeds                            $1.00                                     Sour Punch Straws

Jerky                                                  $1.50                                       Sour Patch Kids

Cotton Candy                                  $2.00                        

Slim Jim                                             $0.50                                     ICE CREAM - $1.00

Ring Pop                                           $0.50                         Snickers, Twix, Lil Drumsticks

Airheads                                           $0.25                         Gatorade Pops                     $0.50

Blowpop                                           $0.25                         Pickle Pops                           $0.50