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2017 12 Year Old Cal Ripken 50/70 All State Team


Matt Show- Burnt Hills/Ballston Lake

Noah DiCaprio-Burnt Hills/ Ballston Lake

Mason Veronezi- Burnt Hills /Ballston Lake

Braden Schetter-Beacon

Joey Vollaro-Beacon

Jack Davis-Beekman

Dimitri Simou-Beekman

Jeff Maddalone-Clifton Park

Austin Cowles-Clifton Park

Nico Batkay- East Fishkill

Joey Ciano-East Fishkill

Brayden Rossi-East Fishkill

Jacob Crantz-Kingston

Matt McNierney-Kingston

Matt Mahusky-Marlboro

Collin Casey- Marlboro

Alex Barbato-New Paltz

Bruce Oremus-New Paltz

Sam Falace-Niskayuna

Tanner Wood- Niskayuna

Owen Evans- Niskayuna

Ethan Starr- Queensbury

Peyton Phillips-Queensbury

Nate Rodriguez-Saratoga /Wilton

Cooper Walley- Saratoga / Wilton

Andrew Dongelewic- Spring

Austin Francis- Spring

Mike Kennedy-Spring


Alex Yash- Spring



Updated 2018 "Tentative" Tournament Trail Dates - As of 12/4/17

  Districts Districts States States Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic
Divisions Locations Start Dates Locations Start Dates Locations Start Dates
Cal Ripken 8U TBD July 01, 2018 TBD July 13, 2018 ENY-Queensbury July 25, 2018
Cal Ripken 9U TBD July 01, 2018 North Colonie, NY July 13, 2018 NNJ-Cranford July 25, 2018
Cal Ripken 10U TBD June 25, 2018 TBD July 05, 2018 NNJ South Plainfield July 18, 2018
Cal Ripken 11U (Major/70) TBD July 01, 2018 Burnt Hills, NY July 13, 2018 NNJ - Basking Ridge July 25, 2018
Cal Ripken 12U (Major/60) TBD June 25, 2018 TBD July 05, 2018 TBD July 17, 2018
Cal Ripken 12U (Major/70) TBD June 25, 2018 Poughkeepsie, NY July 05, 2018 NNJ - Mt. Olive  July 17, 2018
13U – Babe Ruth TBD July 01, 2018 TBD July 13, 2018 Atlantic Shore, (Somers Point), SNJ  July 25, 2018
14U – Babe Ruth TBD July 01, 2018 TBD July 13, 2018 Williamsport PA July 25, 2018
13-15 Babe Ruth TBD July 01, 2018 TBD July 13, 2018 SNJ Hamilton July 25, 2018
16-18 Babe Ruth TBD July 05, 2018 TBD July 13, 2018 Boyertown PA July 18, 2018

2017 10 Year Old Cal Ripken All State Team


Nate Maron- North Colonie

Brendan McGloughlin-North Colonie

Tommy Case- North Colonie

Ethan McGarry- North Colonie

Jacob Pirrone-Salisbury- Niskayuna

Cooper Vogel- Marlboro

Matt LePel- Burnt Hills

Tim Venditti- Burnt Hills

Jack Sunkes- Burnt Hills

Shane Driscoll- East Fishkill

Nicholas Chicaway- Spring

Kolin Behan- Spring

Andrew Sparks- Spring

Nicholas Kraz-Spring

Jackson Maiale- New Paltz

Douglas Borrelo- New Paltz

Cole Mackin- Poughkeepsie

Thomas D’Amato-Poughkeepsie

Michael Fontaine- Beacon

Liam Murphy- Beacon

Ian Oehlschlaeger- Clifton Park

John Westrick- Clifton Park

Jackson Bennice- Clifton Park





                                                    Southern District Baseball league


             ** All games will be played under the most current official Cal Ripken rule book.

(inclusive of the new pitch count rules imposed for the 2017 tournament play, please see below for pitch counts)


This is a Sunday league and a Southern District required league.


Games will start the first weekend of April and go till May 31st.


Teams will play a minimum of 6 games ( feel free to play more). [We will not have playoffs].


Teams have the choice of scheduling single or Double header games, [no 9 inning games]


Team rosters can change from game to game as long as all players meet the age and Cal Ripken requirements. Remember this league is for Cal Ripken registered players only. There will be sanctions to anyone breaking this rule.


Players will still need to participate in their respective recreation leagues. 


          All players are required to play 50% of the leagues scheduled games to be eligible for All-Stars. Each travel game played is equal to 1/2 a recreation league game played. Ex. Your league has a 12 game schedule, each player needs to play in 6 games to play All- Stars. So if they play in 6 travel games that will count as 3 (six 1/2 games) of the 6 required games. Now that player only needs to play in 3 Rec games to reach their 6 of 12 scheduled games. All players are encouraged to play in more but that is solely up to each league.

To ensure that all players play Rec games only 6 travel games played count towards eligibility. The rest must be played in their Rec league.



Each home team has the responsibility of scheduling umpires and securing fields.


Teams will split the cost of umpires equally.


Each team will supply 2 new game balls at the beginning of each game and then teams will alternate supplying balls if needed. The addition balls may be used balls as long as they are in good condition.







Any conduct deemed detrimental to the game by the game umpire shall result in a game ejection or forfeiture.

If anyone associated with a team (coach or player) is ejected from a game, that person will have an automatic 1 game suspension, for the following game and will also meet with a league commissioner to determine if any further action is warranted.





Cal Ripken Baseball, Babe Ruth 13-15 Baseball, and Babe Ruth 16-18 Baseball - Tournament Pitching Rules These pitch count limitations will apply to all tournament games played in District, Area, State, Regional and World  Series  competition  and  will  completely  replace  Tournament  Regulation  Rule  11.05,  Paragraph      4

(innings pitch). For the local league season, leagues are still permitted to use pitching limitations as defined in Rule 0.06 and under Local League Options – Pitch Count.


As you may be aware, USA Baseball and MLB team up to help young players reduce  arm  injuries  by  providing a comprehensive resource for safe pitching practices. Baseball is a safe game to play at all ages, but research has shown that pitching too much — particularly at a young age — can increase a pitcher's risk of

injury. In addition, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) announced that States must implement pitch counts limits for high school pitchers.


Babe Ruth League has historically implemented safety innovations over the years to ensure our participants   are provided with a safe, healthy, educational and enjoyable environment in which to enjoy the game of baseball. As we continue to work to keep the game safe and enjoyable for all participants, we feel that  protecting youth pitchers’ arms is extremely important. Therefore, we are mandating the following pitcher restrictions and pitcher rest requirements for tournament competition. These requirements are designed to minimize and (or) prevent serious arm injuries to youth players.


There are no limitations on the number of innings a pitcher may pitch in a tournament (bracket or pool play) game subject to the following pitch count limitations:









0 Days1 Day  2 Days

7-850  1-20     21-35   36+

9-10     75  1-40     41-65   66+

11-12   85  1-40     41-65   66+

13-15   95  1-45     46-75   76+

16-18   105      1-45     46-75   76+

League Age 7-8 - Pitcher shall not deliver more than 50 pitches in the same game or on the same day. Exception: If the pitcher reaches the maximum pitch count limit while facing a batter, he may continue to pitch until the batter reaches base safely or is put out.


League Age 9-10 - Pitcher shall not deliver more than 75 pitches in the same game or on the same day. Exception: If the pitcher reaches the maximum pitch count limit while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until the batter reaches base safely or is put out.


League Age 11-12 - Pitcher shall not deliver more than 85 pitches in the same game or on the same day. Exception: If the pitcher reaches the maximum pitch count limit while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until the batter reaches base safely or is put out.


League Age 13-15 - Pitcher shall not deliver more than 95 pitches in the same game or on the same day. Exception: If the pitcher reaches the maximum pitch count limit while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until the batter reaches base safely or is put out.


League Age 16-18 - Pitcher shall not deliver more than 105 pitches in the same game or on the same day. Exception: If the pitcher reaches the maximum pitch count limit while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until the batter reaches base safely or is put out.


Intentional Walk Rule – An intentional base on balls may be given by the defensive team by having its catcher or coach request the umpire to award the batter first base. This may be done before pitching to the batter or on any ball and strike count. The ball shall be declared dead before making the award.


All pitchers must adhere to the pitch count rest requirements before pitching in another tournament game.


All players have full pitching eligibility beginning at each level of tournament competition. (District, State, Area, Regional, and World Series)


In a game suspended by darkness, weather, or other causes and resumed the following calendar day, the pitcher at the time the game was halted may continue to the extent of his/her eligibility.


Games in which an ineligible pitcher has been used, as specified above, shall be declared forfeited. The withdrawal of an ineligible pitcher after that pitcher is announced, or after a preparatory (warm-up) pitch  is delivered, but before that player has pitched a ball to a batter, shall not be considered a violation. Tournament Officials are urged to take precautions to prevent protests.

Official Pitch Count Record

The Tournament Director must designate the scorekeeper or another game official as the official pitch  count statistician.  The pitch count statistician shall record all pitches as defined in the rule book (Rule 2.00 – A pitch is a ball delivered to the batter by the pitcher.), in addition to any pitches delivered to the batter ruled a “no pitch” by the umpire.


The pitch count statistician must provide the current pitch count for any pitcher when requested by either manager or any umpire. However, the manager has the ultimate responsibility for knowing when his/her pitcher must be removed to meet the mandated rest requirements.



The official pitch count statistician should inform the umpire-in-chief when a pitcher has delivered his/her maximum limit of pitches for the game, as noted above. The umpire-in-chief will inform the pitcher’s manager that the pitcher must be removed. However, the failure by the pitch count statistician to notify the umpire-in-chief, and/or the failure of the umpire-in- chief to notify the manager, does not relieve the manager of his/her responsibility to remove a pitcher when that pitcher is no longer eligible

The City of Poughkeepsie Youth Baseball/Softball League has joined the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth organization. 

We welcome them to District 5 and wish them a successful Spring 2017 season.

If you live in the City of Poughkeepsie and are looking for more information on the league and upcoming

registration information, please visit their website @

or their Facebook Page @



2016 - 8U District 5 All-Star Team


Brochu (Beekman




Geo. Giardano








East Fishkill A:




















East Fishkill B:









2016 10U All District 5 Team

East Fishkill                                             

Jack Joseph

Nevin Scaperotti

Luke Picone

Jason Due

Jared Emanuelo

Brandan Lassner

Christpher Reese

Derrick Courtemanche



Michael Racanello

Aiden Chaffee

Sanyer Gibson



Joey Vollaro

Enis Dika


Jason Mazzacone

2016 11U All District 5 Team


Brice dazi                                                                      

Nick Duryea                                                                  

Kole Dominic                                                                

Larson Heitanen        



Chris Reinhardt                                                          

Ryan Letscher                                                             

Andrew Gennaro   


East Fishkill                                                                         

Lucas Rodriguez                                                         

Charlie Sweeney                                                       

Brandon Rossi         



Matt Demm                                                                

Matt Brennan                                                              

Casey burger    



Chase Green

Jack Phillipbar


Brandon Schetter

2016 10yo All District -3 Team

  1. Ethan Berliner (Highland)

  2. Jack Boyle (Kingston)

  3. Shaun Brown (Orange County)

  4. Alex Bucolo (Orange County)

  5. Derek Constance (Kingston)

  6. Kyle DeGroat (Orange County)

  7. Andre Grant (Highland)

  8. Braden Hulbert (New Paltz)

  9. Joseph Manginelli (Kingston)

  10. Cole Mumford (New Paltz)

  11. Aidan Robertson (Marlboro)

  12. Jack Schlagler (Marlboro)

2016 8yo All District-3 Team

  1. Caesar Baker (New Paltz)

  2. Benjamin Cappillino (Highland)

  3. Matthew Ciarimboli (Marlboro)

  4. Preston Ebert (Highland)

  5. Bradley Gatto (Highland)

  6. Kamram Hetrick (Kingston)

  7. Lucas Judson (Orange County)

  8. Malakai Klippel (Kingston)

  9. Jake Martino (Kingston)

  10. Mason McDonald (Orange County)

  11. Jason Scotto (New Paltz)

  12. Brayden Soma (Marlboro)

  13. Roy Underwood (Marlboro)

  14. Landon Zwart (Orange County)


Landon Seipp East Fishkill

Vinny Angioletti East Fishkill

Shane Driscoll East Fishkill

Mark Cretara East Fishkill

GianCarlo Henry Poughkeepsie

Michael Sabini Poughkeepsie

Christian Adorno Poughkeepsie

Quinn Curtis Poughkeepsie

Jack Maiale New Paltz

Levi Peterson New Paltz

Gavin Treglia New Paltz

Andrew Kapica Northern Westchester (Somers)

CJ Griggs Northern Westchester (Somers)

Mitchell Neer Marlboro

Ruslan Makarenko Yorktown


2016 12yo All District-5 Team


  1. Danny Beal (East Fishkill)

  2. Kevin Broderick (Beekman)

  3. James Calabro (Tuckahoe)

  4. Tyler D’Amore (Beekman)

  5. Alex Delbroco (Tuckahoe)

  6. Nick Elletto (East Fishkill)

  7. Dylan Fox (Beekman)

  8. Dylan Joseph (East Fishkill)

  9. Michael Kocovic (Yorktown)

  10. Sean Lucas (Poughkeepsie)

  11. Savage Makarenko (Yorktown)

  12. Aidan Marshall (Poughkeepsie)

  13. Michael Meyers (Tuckahoe)

  14. Brett Wardon (Yorktown)

Matthias Wolven (Poughkeepsie)

2016 12yo All District 3 Team

  1. Jeremy Angelone (Highland)

  2. Benjamin Barresi (New Paltz)

  3. Collin Casey (marlboro)

  4. Aidan Collins (Orange County)

  5. Jacob Crantz (Kingston)

  6. Chris Crimi (Highland)

  7. Gavin Groppuso (Kingston)

  8. Alex Grzechowski (Marlboro)

  9. Dustin Knox (Kingston)

  10. Nicholas Paretta (Orange County)

  11. Spyros Schirripa (New Paltz)

  12. Derek Sherman (Marlboro)

The 2015 Rule changes approved by the BRL International Board of Directors can be found in the handouts section of the website.

These changes will be reflected in the 2015 BRL Rules and Regulations.

2015 Fall Ball Division Announcement

August 2, 2015

2015 ENY South District Fall Ball Divisions

National League Divisions (Open Registration Rec Level)

September 12th - October 31st

Saturday Inter-League Games

1 game per week

ENY Interleague Rules (see handouts section)

Leagues may enter as many teams as desired

Leagues must declare teams by August 30th

Playoffs for Majors & Babe Ruth Divisions

Optional playoffs for Minors Division

No Playoffs for Rookie Division

Rookie Division - Players born on or after May 1, 2007

Minors Division - Players born on or after May 1, 2005

Majors Division - Players born on or after May 1, 2003

13yo Prep Division - Players born on or after May 1, 2002

Babe Ruth Division - Players born on or after May 1, 2000


American League Divisions (All-Star Level Competition)

September 8th - November 1st

Sunday Games preferred, to be determined by teams

Schedule coordinator assigned for each division 

1-2 games per week, optional double-headers

ENY Tournament Rules (see handouts section)

Leagues may enter up to 2 teams per division

Leagues must declare teams by August 30th

Playoffs for all divisions

Minors Division - Players born on or after May 1, 2005

  • Vinny D'Amato - Schedule Coordinator

Majors Division - Players born on or after May 1, 2003

Babe Ruth Division - Players born on or after May 1, 2000

Districts 3 & 5 Leagues

April 19, 2016

South West (Ripken & Babe Ruth District 3)

District 3 is Orange, Rockland, Sullivan & Ulster Counties

  • Highland Babe Ruth League (CR, BR, SB)
  • Kingston Babe Ruth League (CR, BR, SB)
  • Marlboro Youth Babe Ruth League (CR, BR, SB)
  • Middletown Babe Ruth League (BR)
  • New Paltz Babe Ruth League (CR, BR, SB)
  • Newburgh Babe Ruth League (CR, BR)
  • Onteora Babe Ruth League (BR)
  • Orange County Cal Ripken (CR, BR, SB)
  • Rondout Valley Babe Ruth League (BR)
  • Saugerties Babe Ruth League (BR)
  • Sullivan County Cal Ripken (CR, SB) 

South East (Ripken & Babe Ruth District 5)

District 5 is Dutchess, Putnam & Westchester Counties

  • All Yonkers Babe Ruth League (CR, BR, SB)
  • Beacon Babe Ruth League (CR, BR)
  • Beekman Athletic Club (CR, BR, SB)
  • East Fishkill Babe Ruth League (CR, BR, SB)
  • Harrison (BR)
  • Northern Westchester/Somers (CR, BR)
  • Poughkeepsie/Mid-Hudson Babe Ruth League (CR, BR)
  • Tuckahoe Youth Babe Ruth League (CR, BR, SB)
  • Yorktown Baseball Club (CR, BR)

CR = Cal Ripken Baseball (Boys age 5 to 12)

BR = Babe Ruth Baseball (Boys age 13 to 18)

SB = Babe Ruth Softball (Girls age 4 to 18)

February 20, 2015

To: Babe Ruth League Presidents
From: Robert Faherty, Jr., Vice President/Commissioner
Date: February 20, 2015
Re: Slash Bunting

The Babe Ruth League, Inc. International Board of Directors, at their November 2015 meeting, voted to eliminate slash bunting in the Cal Ripken Division. 
As such, the 2016 Babe Ruth League rulebook will reflect this change to read:
Cal Ripken Division – Fake Bunt – Slash Bunt – A batter is out for illegal action when the player fakes a bunt and then takes a full swing, thus eliminating a player from fake bunting (slap-hitting) the ball.  Penalty:  Batter is out, the ball is dead, no runners may advance.
As this rule does take into account the safety and well-being of our players, we are implementing this regulation for all Cal Ripken Division tournaments for 2015.  Babe Ruth League highly recommends your league implement this rule for the 2015 local league season.
2015 Babe Ruth League, Inc. Baseball Rules and Regulations Clarifications:
  • Page 19 HOCKEY STYLE CATCHER’S MASKS are approved in all divisions of Cal Ripken Baseball and Babe Ruth Baseball.
  • Page 21 – EXTRA PLAYER (EP) is allowed in all divisions of Cal Ripken Baseball and Babe Ruth Baseball.
  • Babe Ruth Baseball (All Divisions) – Official Baseball Rule 6.10 does not apply.  The designated hitter rule is not permitted at any level of Babe Ruth Baseball or Cal Ripken Baseball. 
Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.  If you have any questions, please contact Babe Ruth Headquarters.
cc:  Board of Directors
      League Service Representatives
February 12, 2015









To:         District, State and Regional Commissioners

From:    Robert P. Faherty, Jr., Vice President/Commissioner

Date:    February 12, 2015

Re:         2015 Cal Ripken Major/70 World Series



Babe Ruth League, Inc. is pleased to announce that we will be establishing a new partnership with a major media company to televise 14 games of the Cal Ripken Major/70 World Series in Aberdeen, Maryland this summer.  Because of this new and exciting venture, it is necessary to change the playing dates for the 2015 Cal Ripken Major/70 World Series as reflected below. 


2015 Cal Ripken major/70 World Series


World Series




Playing Dates

Team Travel Date

Ending Date for

Regional Tournaments

Cal Ripken Major/70

Aberdeen, MD

July 24 – August 1

July 23

July 15




We understand what a difficult task it will be for you to change your tournament dates and details.  However, due to your history in always going above and beyond for the program, we are confident that you will be able to accomplish this task. 


Because of our volunteers’ continued support and input, the Babe Ruth League program has been evolving into one of the very best amateur baseball and softball programs in the world.  Additional television exposure will go a long way in creating added publicity and to communicate brand awareness for Babe Ruth League. 


Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Babe Ruth Headquarters.


Robert Faherty

Vice President/Commissioner

Phone 609.695.1434

Fax 609.695.2505




 Announcing our annual Ripken & Babe Ruth baseball ENY South District Winter President’s Meeting

This year’s meeting will be held on Sunday, January 25th at 4:30pm at the New Paltz Elting Memorial Library.


All leagues must be represented at this meeting.  Leagues presidents must attend or send an appropriate designee authorized to make decisions for the 2015 season.

Directions can be found using the following link:  

Elting Memorial Library
93 Main Street
New Paltz, NY 12561


Looking for to a great 2015 baseball season.  Feel free to contact me at any time.


Agenda is available in the handouts section

2014 Fall Ball Schedules are posted

The fall ball schedules for the Babe Ruth, Majors & Minors division are posted.

Rookie schedule forthcoming

Check back here for updates/changes

Updated Aug 29th 1:00PM

2014 Fall Ball Registration Form Available

The Fall Ball team registration form has been posted to the "Handouts" section.

Please return a completed form for each division by August 22nd.  The draft schedule and teams will be posted to the website by the end of the weekend (Aug 24th).  A single point of contact for each league while registering teams and developing the schedule.  Please specify this contact when returning the forms.

2014 Fall Ball Divisions Announcement

2014 ENY South District Fall Ball Divisions

National League Divisions (Open Registration Rec Level)

Sept 6th - October 25th

Saturday Inter-League Games

1 game per week

ENY Tournament Rules (details to follow)

Leagues may enter as many teams as desired

Leagues must declare teams by August 22nd

Playoffs for Majors & Babe Ruth Divisions

Optional playoffs for Minors Division

No Playoffs for Rookie Division

Rookie Division - Players born on or after May 1, 2006

Minors Division - Players born on or after May 1, 2004

Majors Division - Players born on or after May 1, 2002

Babe Ruth Division - Players born on or after May 1, 1999


American League Divisions (All-Star Level Competition)

Sept 7th - October 26th

Sunday Games

1-2 games per week, optional double-headers

ENY Tournament Rules (details to follow)

Leagues may enter 1 team per division

Optional games with Central District Leagues

Leagues must declare teams by August 22nd

Playoffs for all divisions

8yo Division - Players born on or after May 1, 2006

9yo Division - Players born on or after May 1, 2005

10yo Division - Players born on or after May 1, 2004

11yo Division - Players born on or after May 1, 2003

12yo Division - Players born on or after May 1, 2002


2014 ENY State Tournament Qualifiers




*Poughkeepsie (District & State Champs)




East Fishkill




Orange County (District Champs)








Poughkeepsie (District Champs & State Runner-Up)


East Fishkill


Beacon (State Host)




East Fishkill (District Champs)


Poughkeepsie (State Semi-Finalist)






Marlboro (District Champs)


New Paltz (State Runner-Up)






Orange County (District Champs)




Saugerties (State Host & Semi-Finalist)




Beekman (District Champs & State Semi-Finalist)






KINGSTON (District Champs& State Semi-Finalist)






*Mid-Atlantic Regional Participants




2014 All Star Summary

The 2014 all-star season is nearing the end of the trail, so I wanted to wrap up a few loose ends before turning my attention to fall ball and the 2015 season.


First and foremost, I hope all teams had an enjoyable experience participating in the all-star season.  This is a special opportunity for the players and families and requires a lot of hard work by local volunteers to make happen.  I tried to attend as many games as possible and really enjoyed watching the boys compete at such a high level.


Next, I would like to thank our tournament hosts.  These tournaments do not happen without you and it was great to see your local baseball communities pull together to make them a success.  In recent discussions with our State Commissioner, Bob McColgan, it was decided to waive the $225 entry fee for all leagues hosting either a district or state tournament.  This includes one check each for Marlboro, OCCR, Poughkeepsie, Beacon, New Paltz & Beekman.  Let me know if you want the check returned to you or destroyed.


Attached is the latest & greatest All-Star summary.  It includes a list of state & regional tournament qualifiers, as well as the 8yo All-District team, 10yo All-State team and 11yo All- District team.  I still have not received all the nominations for the 9yo, 10yo & 12yo All-District teams.  If the hosts have their tallies, please send ASAP.  Just in case, I would like all coaches to submit (or resubmit) their nominations.  I want to wrap these up this week and get the ball rolling for plaques and the planned All-District games in late August or early September.  More details are to follow shortly.


I have started constructing a district web site.  The address is  The site is currently under construction, but any and all feedback is much appreciated.  I will use our fall ball season as a test run.  Speaking of fall ball, details & organization info will be out shortly as well.


Finally, I have attached a flyer for an upcoming tournament in Wappingers, The Sgt. Mark Palmateer Memorial Tournament.  This is the last opportunity for teams to play in their 2014 age groups and the proceeds go to a great cause.  I encourage all leagues to make an effort to be represented in at least one age group.


Thanks again and do not hesitate to reach me as needed.

Eastern New York 

South District 

2014 14yo All State Team




  1. Matthew Bishop (Clifton Park)

  2. Jeffrey Canastra (South Colonie)

  3. Christian Daley (Kingston)

  4. Kyle Diaz (Beekman)

  5. Brandon DiCostanzo (North Colonie)

  6. Chris Kordziel (Rotterdam)

  7. Ryan Lanaro (Rotterdam)

  8. Connor Light (Beekman)

  9. Brennan Macejka (Rotterdam)

  10. Cameron Myers (Guilderland)

  11. Christopher Scheidel (Guilderland)

  12. Mike Shields (Clifton Park)

  13. Aaron Simons (Rome)

  14. Brandon Smith (Rotterdam)

  15. Spencer Wall (South Colonie)


Eastern New York 

South District 

2014 12yo All State Team


  1. Evan Bean-(Clifton Park)

  2. Brandon Breakell-(North Colonie)

  3. Anthony DiMarco-(New Paltz)

  4. Christian Diorio-(Marlboro)

  5. Jim Faso-(Rome)

  6. Stephen Guidi-(North Colonie)

  7. Quinn Jones-(Wilton)

  8. Jaxson Koebel-Secky-(New Paltz)

  9. Ben Lavery-(Clifton Park)

  10. Connor Lee (Poughkeepsie)

  11. Colin Mance-(Westland Hills)

  12. Derek Meisner (Niskayuna)

  13. Jack O’Leary-(Wilton)

  14. Michael Paolo Jr.-(Marlboro)

  15. Jake Reinisch-(Clifton Park)

  16. Drew Signor-(Clifton Park)




12yo All District Team

Eastern New York 

South District 

2014 12yo All District Team




  • Dietrich Behrens (New Paltz)

  • Ryan Burns (Poughkeepsie)

  • Travis Conklin (Beekman)

  • Christian Diorio (Marlboro)

  • Mateo Gutierrez (New Paltz)

  • Matthew Jackson (Marlboro)

  • Benjamin Jolly (Poughkeepsie)

  • Jaxson Koebel-Secky (New Paltz)

  • Nicholas Lepere (Beacon)

  • Mike Manzoeillo (Beacon)

  • Nicolas Micocci (Beekman)

  • Michael Paolo Jr. (Marlboro)

  • Shawn Sawyer (Orange County)

  • Kevin Seckler (East Fishkill)







Eastern New York


South District



2014 11yo All District Team






  • Paul Andrews (Beekman)


  • Fred Callo (Marlboro)


  • Alex Crichton (Poughkeepsie)


  • Brody DeGroodt (Orange County)


  • Nick Eletto (East Fishkill)


  • Adam Evans (Beekman)


  • Justin Garrison (Poughkeepsie)


  • Andrew Lisella (East Fishkill)


  • Gary Magner (Beekman)


  • Joe Milici (East Fishkill)


  • Jack Rubin (New Paltz)


  • Frankie Vanzillotta (Poughkeepsie)





Eastern New York 


2014 10yo All State Team



  • Nic Bergeron (Poughkeepsie)

  • Tyler Borwhat (Niskayuna)

  • Owen Browne (Beacon)

  • Aidan Calhoun (Clifton Park White)

  • Damon Campanaro (Rome)

  • Mason Courtney (Clifton Park Green)

  • Kyle Decresce (Burnt Hills)

  • Gavin Giordano (Spring)

  • Michael Griffin (North Colonie)

  • Jimmy King (Niskayuna)

  • Kyle Kristel (Burnt Hills)

  • Trey Mariano (North Colonie)

  • Aidan O’Keefe (North Colonie)

  • Bryce Palmer (Rome)

  • Damien Sherilla (Poughkeepsie)

  • Ben Tullo (Poughkeepsie)

  • Matthew Zarrella (East Fishkill)



Eastern New York 

South District 

2014 10yo All District Team


  • Danny Beal (East Fishkill)
  • Nick Bergeron (Poughkeepsie)

  • Collin Casey (Marlboro)

  • Mason Compton (Kent)

  • Alex Grzechowski (Marlboro)

  • Ryan Heraty (East Fishkill)

  • Dillon Kelly (Beacon)

  • Hawke Kosofsky (New Paltz)

  • Mike Massi (Beekman)

  • Aundre Rick (Orange County)

  • Evan Sandler (East Fishkill)

  • Damien Sherilla (Poughkeepsie)

  • Eamonn Shields (Kent)

  • Ben Tullo (Poughkeepsie)




Eastern New York 


South District 


2014 9yo All District Team






  • Hansen Bagdonas (East Fishkill)

  • Alex Barbato (New Paltz)

  • Bryce Dazi (Poughkeepsie)

  • Aiden Dubetsky (Poughkeepsie)

  • Gary Gill-Hill (Orange County)

  • Jack Harrington (Orange County)

  • Kevin Kirk (Kent)

  • John Maucieri (Beeekman)

  • Nevin Scaperotti (Kent)

  • Cameron Stevens (Orange County)

  • Chris Thorne (Marlboro)

  • Steve Volk (East Fishkill)

  • Xavier Zykoff (Poughkeepsie)


Eastern New York 

South District 

2014 8yo All District Team



  •  Joseph Battle (Beacon)


  • Thomas Benfer (Marlboro)


  • Danny Costello (East Fishkill)


  • Jared Emanuelo (East Fishkill)


  • Evan Johnson (Orange County)


  • Jason Mazacone (Beacon)


  • Ryan Mealy (Poughkeepsie)


  • Sirtaj Pandher (Poughkeepsie)


  • Michael Racanello (Beekman)


  • Jake Rohan (Poughkeepsie)


  • Zachary Rometo (Orange County)


  • Joey Vollaro (Beacon)

Sept 12  - 14 2014  

Robinson Lane Park, Wappingers Falls, NY

Sgt Mark C. Palmateer, 38 yrs old, was born and raised in Hughsonville, a small hamlet of Wappingers Falls, NY. He grew up with eight brothers and sisters and has a daughter named Stephanie. He was a second father to our two children Jared and Nicole and was known as "Uncle Mark" to every kid that knew him. At parties or any kind of get together you would often find Mark out playing with the kids, rather than hanging out with the adults. He worked at Dunmore Corp. in Brewster for many years and according to his co-workers, "Mark was one of a kind!"

This tournament is in memory of Mark who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2008 doing what he believed was the right thing. Funds raised are to benefit a memorial being built in the Town of Wappinger in Mark's memory the "Sgt Mark C. Palmateer 9/11 Memorial Park", as well as a scholarship fund in his name.

Tournament Info to put a TEAM in:

To Volunteer Contact Marci Meybohm at


  Needed are scorekeepers,announcers,concession stand workers and field maintenance