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2015 10yo All-District Team

August 8, 2015


Eastern New York 

 Cal Ripken 

 2015 10yo All-District Team

  •  Hansen Bagadonas (East Fishkill)
  • Alex Barbato (New Paltz)

  • Danny Bello (Orange County)

  • Kole Dominick (Poughkeepsie)

  • Tony Drewnowski (new Paltz)

  • Matthew Dubois (Highland)

  • Drew Gennaro (Beekman)

  • Gary Gill-Hill (Orange County)

  • Dominic Guido (Orange County)

  • Larson Hietanen (Poughkeepsie)

  • Johnny Maucieri (Beekman)

  • Jason Munger (New Paltz)

  • Chinedu Okasi (Marlboro)

  • Jack Philipbar (Beacon)

  • Lucas Rodriguez (East Fishkill)