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July 6, 2015


Eastern New York 

 Cal Ripken 

 2015 8yo All-District Team

    • Jackson Atwell (Beacon)
    • Matthew Babcock (Orange County)

    • Thomas Benfer (Marlboro Orange)

    • Marc Cretara (East Fishkill)

    • Leland Dubois (Highland)

    • Giancarlo Henry (Poughkeepsie)

    • Bryan Hoyt (Poughkeepsie)

    • Michael Levi Peterson (New Paltz)

    • Jackson Maiale (New Paltz)

    • Cole Morehead (Marlboro Orange)

    • Liam Murphy (Beacon)

    • Armondo Perez (Orange County)

    • Justin Piscopo (Marlboro Orange)

    • Anthony Procaccino (East Fishkill)

    • Jack Soares (East Fishkill)

    • Brayden Soma (Marlboro Blue)

    • Andrew Szostak (Beekman)

    • Roy Underwood (Marlboro Blue)